How to Create Your own Baby Memory Book?

How to Create Your own Baby Memory Book?. Baby memory book is one of important stuff for every mother to welcome their expecting baby. With this book, they could memories the greatest moment in their live when the baby is come. You could store the first baby cry photo, the first baby smile photo, and another great newborn photo in the baby memory book.

You could get baby memory book from any baby store offline or online, there are many of them in the market which sold in price range $10 until $100 (like in hallmark baby memory book store). If you have money, that's no problem with the price for you. But if you want to get the book with less money you could create it by yourself. Below is an great article from Sophia Ton who share her knowledge in creating your own baby memory book for free.

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How to Create Your Own Baby Memory Book
By Sophia Ton
People of all ages with all budget ranges (even free!) can make their own memory books. And here's how.
  • Gather paper for the size book you'd like to create. For regular 3-ring notebook sizing, 8 ½ X 11-inch paper is the best choice. If you have no budget, gather whatever sized paper you can find, then trim to size with scissors and a straight edge (a ruler or book edge will do fine.) Those with a budget can purchase a decorative stationery sheets or printer paper, even with special occasion or other holiday borders. You can search your favorite engine on line for scrap booking supplies, check out office supply stores, dime stores and discount or outlet stores.
  • Next get creative: gather together photos and other mementoes you are saving, stickers, colored pencils and markers, corners (that hold photos in place), tape, glue, glitter, ribbons, fabric swatches and any other fun crafting materials you can think of in a shoebox or other storage container.
  • Then relax, turn on your favorite tunes, and begin. Focus on one page at a time of your memory book. Choose a focal point - like one main photo or photo grouping. Place them on the page, leaving room for a memory sheet; i.e. your written description of what the page is about. Then when you see there is sufficient room for all, affix everything in place. Finish the page by adding creative touches here and there; for example, sprinkle glitter framing around the photos, glue grandma's bow at the top of the page, etc.
  • Decorate a cover for your memory book! This can be made out of fabric, cardboard and photos or nearly anything. The sturdier the better.
  • If you're interested in professionally printing and binding your own baby memory book, check out local print shops like Kinkos and online companies.
Tips & Techniques
  • Experiment with special crafting scissors, scrap booking pairs with a variety of edges that make wave cuts, angle cuts, etc.
  • Add lace and frame pages with fabric scraps.
  • Glue photos to fabric squares first, for a matting effect.
  • Invite friends and relatives to contribute. Many have their own special photos and old greeting cards, toys, etc. around
  • Hit yard sales, flea markets and after-season sales for discounted scrap booking supplies and other creative materials to use.
Sophia Ton is a freelance writer who writes about baby shower gifts, maternity, pregnancy and family related topics. She loves to shop for baby gift items and she loves baby books.
That's really great share for me, and I hope for you too. You could save your money by doing the technique above. If you think that the article above isn't enough, try to read another great and simple advice about How to Create a Baby Memory Book from wikihow here. Create the best baby memory book for the best moment of your first year baby.

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