Christmas baby shower theme

Christmas is a special day for everyone that especially for children’s. They use to have fun by wearing Santa clause dress and playing games and having sweets. Even baby shower are always special to the new parents. But one thing it should timed with the Christmas then it will add more excitement. If the holiday decorations are already up, the shower will be easy to pull together. Order, invitations can make them ourselves combining Christmas and baby shower themes.

Attach small shower items, such as small cut-outs of booties hanging over a garland-draped fireplace. Even though we likely have our Christmas decorations up, display a special Christmas tree and wreath decorated with baby items as centerpieces for the gift and refreshment tables. As we talk about Christmas itself the first thing that come to our mind. Shower games break the ice and encourage interaction. Tweak any traditional game to fit the Christmas theme. For those who fed up from the normal shower game, a few rounds of Christmas carols might be a better idea. When we come to food, the table should cover with decorative things that suits Christmas baby shower theme. Thus the way we can celebrate both Christmas and baby shower.

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